Dear Limnologist,

On behalf of the organizer comitee, it is an honor and a pleasure to welcome all the XVII CongressoBrasileiro de Limnologia and the II Iberian-American of Limnology participants, to be held  from 04 to 09 August, 2019, in the city of Florianópolis, in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Floripa, as it is affectionately known, besides being a modern and cosmopolitan city, it is also rich in history, folklore and culture. Surrounded by 42 beaches, the island also shelters numerous parks, natural reserves, lakes, waterfall and dunes. Known by many as the “Island of Magic¨, the city continues being listed to be the future capital of  Mercosul, and it is considered one of the main touristic destinies in Brazil.

The Azoreans colonization, integrated with  the knowledge of the indigenous people and later enriched by the German, Austrian, Polish and Italian traditions, among others, provided a beautiful cultural diversity. It is impossible not to realize this characteristic that perfectly harmonizes with the valuable diversity of the island landscapes.

After exactly 20 years of the realization of the VII CBL  in this magical city, the Limnology returns, now more mature, modern and respected. Crowning this return, we have the pleasure to welcome our limnologist colleagues from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Equator, Mexico, Portugal and Spain.

I must also report to everyone that, in 1999, when I was here for the first time, I was (and still am!!!) bewitched, because I fell in love by a certain lake called “Lagoa do Peri”. I consider to be the place magic the only explanation for such a “big passion for a lake”, and  the desire of never leaving this island. So I leave an important warning: young limnologist, be careful, as the magic of this place.........

IIndependent of the facts from the past, we believe that this event is one excellent opportunity, not only to exchange research experiences and broaden the professional cooperation networks, but also to popularize limnology in our society, for an effective Conservation and management of the hydric resources. These ambitions reflect on the presented theme for the event in 2019, “Biodiversity, climate change, sustainability and technology: all in a network. We are working with care and commitment in order to be a remarkable event for all our congress colleagues, as well as inspiring and special for our young researchers. Take this opportunity to discover the wonders of the magic island, and above all, Limnology!

We are waiting for you in Florianópolis!

Mauricio Mello Petrucio
President of the Congresses

Santa Catarina Island

A place full of charms and hospitable people

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"Centro de Convenções CentroSul"

Totally air-conditioned and with a postcard view, it is strategically located downtown, near the bus terminal, airport and a wide hotel network composed by more than 18.000 beds. The place offers 16.560 square meters of built area, divided into two floors, with modular rooms to accommodate comfortably up to 3.500 people seated and two exhibit halls for up to 13.000 people.

Av. Gov. Gustavo Richard, 850 - Centro, Florianópolis - SC, 88010-290

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