Instruction for enrolment payment

The payment fee shall be paid as follows:

      - PagSeguro (Bank slip or credit card)
      - PayPal
      - Bank deposit

Right after completing your enrolment form, access the restricted area and choose the best payment option. In case of doubt, enter in contact through the e-mail:

Enrolment fee – Values expressed in Reais

ABLimno partner professional
Non-partner professional
ABLimno partner undergraduate student
Non-partner undergraduate student
ABLimno partner post-graduate student
Non-partner post-graduate student

Important observations

  • Partners: Limnologies Societies Associated Members that are part of the Promotion/Organizer committee of the Iberian-American congress of Limnology.
  • Group subscriptions: Groups with 10 or more participants have 10% of discount. More information:
  • Subscriptions timeline: We ask special attention to the subscription timeline presented at the table. The limit dates presented refer to the effectiveness of the whole subscription process which includes: register filling, possible validation of evidence documents and payment.
  • Badge and certificate: When filling the register on the website, take special attention, for the participant is responsible for the data provided and it is part of this data that the material (badge and certificate) will be emitted. This way, errors in the material are the congressman responsability.
  • Student proof category: The subscription made in the “Student” category must, obligatorily, be presented the current proving document (certificate of registration or declaration of the educational institution). The document must be sent to the e-mail along with the payment receipt. After the validation of the category by the Organizer Comitee, the process of subscription will be finalized. We ask special attention to the timeline and table of values of subscriptions, since the receipt validation demands at least one working day.
  • Refund politics: In case of withdrawal*, the participant must send an e-mail to
    *Requests sent untill 06/19/2019, it will be refunded 50% of the value paid for the congress subscription.
    *From day 06/19/2019, there will be no refund of paid values.
    *All the refunds will be effected within 30 working days after the congress end.

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