Important Dates

  • Abstract submission: until 30/05/2019
  • Abstract Acceptance: 27/06/2019
  • Deadline for payment of author's registration: until 30/05/2019


Thematic Session

1. Interactions and Food Webs
2. Populations, Community and Biodiversity
3. Ecosystems Processes (Production, Consumption and Decomposition)
4. Geoprocessing, Innovations and Interfaces with Limnology
5. Synthesis and Meta-Analysis Studies
6. Management and Conservation of Ecosystems
7. Invasive Species and Impacts in Aquatic Environments
8. Ecosystem Services and Biomonitoring
9. Science communication and environmental education
10. Recovery and Restoration of Environments

Instructions to submit summaries

The submission will be handed exclusively through the correct area in the event website, in its specific form. There won’t be accepted sumaries via e-mail. The submission must be handed by the main author or first author.
For submission, click here.

The works (oral presentation and posters) can be drawn up and presented in Portuguese, Spanish or English. The summary must contain 300 words maximum.

The author(s) must submit their works in summaries format, indicating the thematic session in which it fits. It also must indicate in the submission system the wished form: oral communication or poster.
The Scientific commission will analyze and define whether the summary will be accepted or not and particularly in the oral format, some works can be modified to poster presentation form.

Each pre-enrolled author can submit up to 2 works as first-author. At least one of the authors must have the congress subscription regularized (payed) in order to submit a summary.

The names, order of the authors and their respective institutions (written in full) must be typed by the author in the determined fields on the system, including the main author. After that, the prepared summary may be transferred (pasted) in the text box.

Atention! After submission of the summary in the online system, it will not be allowed alterations, corrections or inclusion of new authors.

Oral Presentations

In each room it will be available a projection equipment that includes computer equipment with Windows and PowerPoint. The participants won’t be able to use their own computer.
It is the participant responsibility to ensure that the presentations made on other operational systems do not lose the original format  when used on Windows, particularly in case of animations and videos.
It will only be permitted presentations in PowerPoint or PDF.
The congress official languages are Portuguese, English and Spanish. It is recommended that presentations in Portuguese or Spanish have slides in English.
The scientific committee suggests that the presentation must include (1) one slide with the title and author identifications; (2) one slide with the question or tested hypothesis; (3) a few slides with the general methodology. The following slides must present the main results and discussion, ended with a conclusion.
The presentation should last 15 minutes maximum: 10 minutes of exposure + 5 minutes for Questions and Answers. That time will be strictly controlled to allow the correct operation of the parallel sessions.

The presentations must be delivered at the Media Desk, one day before the presentation.


The panels must have a vertical orientation with maximum dimestions of 90 cm width 110 cm height.
In the posters can be used the languages portuguese, english or spanish and must present the accepted summary content.
The structure of the poster is free, but it must have a title in the upper region, followed by the identification of the authors, affiliations and author’s e-mail for correspondence.
It must be used a letter size that allows people to read at a 2 meters distance and give preferences to graphics, photos, tables and other materials over text.
The posters must be fixed in the begginning of the morning (until 10am) of the day in which they will be presented. The posters and their fixation place will be identified by a code that will be provided by the event organization.
The authors must remain near the posters during all the session in the presentation day.

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