Harald Sioli's Award

The Associação Brasileira de Limnologia (ABLimno) and the organizer committee of the XVII Congresso Brasileiro de Limnologia and the II Congresso Ibero-Americano de Limnologia invite young limnologists (under-graduate and post-graduate students) to compete for the Harald Sioli Award. This  award has been granted to each CBL with the intent of stimulating human resources formation and the scientific research in aquatic ecology in Brazil. The Harald Sioli Award is a tribute to Dr. Harald Felix Ludwig Sioli. He was the former Director of the Department of Tropical Ecology of the Max-Planck-Institute for Limnology, Plön. Most of his career was dedicated to research — medical, physiological, and, primarily, limnological — in Brazil.
To apply for this award, a original article, that have not been previously published,  must be sent to the judging committee (by e-mail:trabalhos@limnos2019.com.br) prior to June 15, 2019. The article must be a result of master thesis and PhD thesis and can be submitted in English or Portuguese. The evaluation will be  realized before the congress and the the students selected for awards will be announced during the closing ceremony.

Application/Nomination Procedures

1. The paper must be unpublished but it may be subjected to a scientific periodic;
2. The candidate must be a student (under-graduate or post-graduate course) or an early career professional who has finished his/her MSc or PhD after the last CBL (2 years ago);
3. It is prohibited the subscription of teaching professionals or of public or private companies related to the Harald Sioli Award, even if the paper is result of scientific initiation, masters or PhD research;
 4. The candidate must be the first author of the submitted article.   Each candidate can compete with only one work to the Harald Sioli Award.  The advisor, however, can be co-author of more than one subscripted paper;
5. The article must be in the field of limnology;
6. The subscripted paper format must attend the instructions to the authors of Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia (http://www.ablimno.org.br/publiActa.php), which is edited by Associação Brasileira de Limnologia (ABLImno). The paper should be preferably written in English, but texts in Portuguese will also be accepted. If the foreign language is the option of the authors, it is recommended the careful revision of the article.

From the judging committee

An international jury comprising at least 5 members from different countries will review the papers and choose the winning papers for the first 3 places, based on a scoring system detailed below.
The judging committee will be composed by a coordinator  and  at least at least 3 members (three) also invited by the coordinator. The number of judges will depend the number of received articles. The judging committee members will be invited after the prize subscription limit period. All the members from the judging committee must be acting as researchers in the limnology field.  
All manuscripts submitted for publication will be evaluated in according to the criteria of :

A) Originality, innovating character and relevance to limnology advance;
B) Application of the correct methodology to the proposed objective;
C) The clarity in the presentation of the results;
D) Adequacy of the discussion and conclusion of the obtained results;
E) Use of relevant references to the discussion of the results;
F) Clarity and objectivity in the essay.

General Provisions

The non-fulfillment of the above-mentioned standards can result in the rejection article submission to the Harald Sioli Award. The omission of accurate information, for example, about the current student situation of the competitor, or another item, can be penalized with the suspension of the concession of the prize and impediment of the student’s and advisor’s subscription in the next 2 (two) CBL.

The omitted cases will be resolved by the judging committee. Additional information can be requested through the following e-mail: secretaria@limnos.com.br, with the subject Harald Sioli award.

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